Adonis Restaurant & Nightclub

When you go to Adonis, expect a place for great food and awesome leisure. They have a great food menu of tasty meat-oriented items that are prepared with chicken, lamb, or beef. On the weekends, they have awesome entertainment with live performances of traditional Arabic music and dancing. They offer free batchata and dabki dance lessons on Fridays. Check out the belly dancers each Saturday. They are amazing and so great to watch. Adonis is one of the only alcohol serving hookah spots in the area and with all their amentities of their food, drinks, décor, and entertainment, Adonis is definitely a place you can take anyone if you are looking to impress them. It’s a very comfortable and welcoming place in the heart of Dearborn. Come now and experience the Adonis.

4853 Schaefer Rd.
Dearborn, MI 48126