360 Lounge & Grill

When you walk into the 360 Lounge, you feel that you are in a very cool place. With a décor that is very contemporary, the 360 Lounge has a nice cutting edge feel to it with plenty of room to sit and enjoy some drinks. In the lounge section, they have the most comfortable couches with complimentary wi-fi internet connections. They have a wide arrange of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink selections to choose from that are very fresh and tasty. It’s a great place to smoke up on a hookah, have a drink, and get some work done on the laptop. They have really late hours, sometimes opened until 3am, so it gives you plenty of time during the day to experience the coolness of the 360 Lounge. It a place for people of all different walks of life and schedules to have a place to get away and chill for a little while.

13901 Michigan Ave.
Dearborn, MI 48126